13 Sep 2008

Two moon 13 SEP

Keep your telescopes handy for a wonderful celestial activity - Uranus will shine at its brightest when it aligns directly with the Sun and the Earth on Saturday.

At this time of the year, Uranus comes closest to the Earth. Saturday the planet will be visible through telescopes right from dusk to dawn.

"It is an interesting phenomenon as Uranus and the Earth would be in a straight line. Both the planets come closest at this time of the year and Uranus, in turn, shines at its brightest," said Nehru Planetarium director N. Ratnashree.

Ratnashree said if there had been an observer on Uranus, he would see the Earth passing in front of the Sun at the same time.

People interested in watching the planet's uranus approach towards the Earth can watch this phenomenon with a high resolution telescope

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