1 Sep 2008

Using Microwave - Must read It

1.Male and female hormone production is shut down and/or altered by continually eating micro-waved foods.The human body cannot metabolize the unknown by-products created in micro-waved food.

2.Liquids, when heated in a microwave oven in a container with a smooth surface, can superheat; without actually boiling. The boiling process can start explosively when the liquid is disturbed and can result in a violent burst of water and vapor resulting in liquid and steam burns

3.In a microwave oven,food is cooked by exposing it to microwave radiation. Most household microwave ovens operate on a frequency of 2450 megahertz (MHz or million cycles per second) in a continuous wave (cw) mode. Larger ovens used for industrial applications sometimes operate at 915 MHz.

4.Continually eating food processed from a microwave oven causes long term, permanent, brain damage by “shorting out” electrical impulses in the brain [de-polarizing or de-magnetizing the brain tissue].

5.Closed containers and eggs can explode when heated in a microwave oven due to the pressure build-up of steam. Products that are heated too long can catch fire.

6.Because the microwave oven's cavity is enclosed and metal, fires are generally well contained. Simply switching off the oven and allowing the fire to consume available oxygen with the door closed will typically contain damage to the oven itself.

7.Any metal or conductive object placed into the microwave will act as an antenna to some degree, resulting in an electric current. This causes the object to act as a heating element. This effect varies with the object's shape and composition, and is sometimes utilized for cooking.

8.Any object containing pointed metal can create an electric arc (cause sparks) when microwaved. This includes cutlery, aluminium foil, ceramics decorated with metal, and almost anything containing any type of metal. Forks are a good example.

9.Micro-waved foods cause stomach and intestinal cancerous growths [tumors]. This has been a primary contributor to the rapidly increased rate of colon cancer in the United States.

10.Another hazard is the resonance of the magnetron tube itself. If the microwave is run without an object to absorb the radiation, a standing wave will form. The energy is reflected back and forth between the tube and the cooking chamber. This may cause the tube to 'cook' itself and burn out.

11.The prolonged eating of micro-waved foods causes cancerous cells to increase in human blood.

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