1 Sep 2008

Weeding Is not Every Thing...

This page is for all you people out there who are wanting to get Married. There are many Beliefs and Superstitions surrounding the Sacred Ceremony of Marriage. My thoughts on this are.... if you believe it so.... then so shall it be. Just remember this.... Don't be so anxious or Hell Bent on getting Married or think that time is running out. Take your time in life and find the one Mate you really wish to spend the rest of your life with. Get to really know the person you want to marry.... if you have not lived with this person for at least a year... then you really don't know them and all their habits. Also... why take Vows if you are not going to stick to them. So many people rush out to get married and a year later they are divorced. So take your time... and Choose wisely!

A.The bride will have good luck if she dreams on her wedding day.

B.Finding a tear in the Wedding Veil is a Omen of Good luck!

C.It is bad luck for the bride to drop her handkerchief while entering or exiting the carriage.
(A good reason not to use one!)

D.It is bad luck to give the bride a telegram on her way to the ceremony.
(Unless she's won the lottery!)

E.It is bad luck for the bride to eat anything while getting ready for the ceremony and until after the ceremony is over. (Did Weight Watchers add that in?)

F.It is bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding attire before the ceremony.

G.It is good luck for the bride to throw away bread as a symbol of throwing away her troubles. Even better, for every piece given to the poor on the way to the wedding, a misfortune will be averted.

H.It is Bad Luck to have visible mirrors in the Ceremony area. It is Bad luck for the Bride to see herself in the mirror fully dressed before the wedding... she should leave off one item of clothing such as a shoe or something.

I.On the Wedding day, It is bad luck for the Bride and Groom to see each other before the Ceremony.

J.It is said that it is good luck for a bride to cry on her wedding day. All sorrows are washed away leaving room for only happiness.

K.Orange blossoms are lucky in the bouquet or d├ęcor.
It is good luck for the bride to carry her mother's prayer book.

L.Placing a bit of salt in a shoe, pocket or glove will bring the bride luck for several reasons. The Greeks believed salt symbolized loyalty and lasting friendship. Also, devils and witches supposedly hate salt so it keeps them away.

M.In order to insure Good luck, the Bride must exit with her right foot first across the threshold.

N.The circle of the ring, without beginning or end, symbolizes eternal love.

O.In early Rome, through to the Renaissance, only the wealthy wore rings. The one exception was the wedding band.
In the Anglo-Saxon north, rings were among the gifts given to the bride before the wedding. The word "wed" is from the Anglo-Saxon word for "pledge"

P.It is Bad luck if the Brides car does not start the first time or has car trouble on the way to the ceremony.

Q.If the youngest of the daughters is the first to marry, and the older ones want husbands, they have to either dance barefoot at the wedding or in green stockings. If they want to be insured of their luck, they must dance in a hog's or pig's trough!

R. It is a good Omen if the Bride or Groom sees a cat on the way to the Wedding.

S.Blue is the Symbol of Spirituality and Faithfulness. The Bride should wear or carry something Blue to increase her luck in Marriage.

T.Red is a traditional color for Chinese brides and was worn by American brides during the Revolutionary war as a sign of rebellion. In India the wedding dress is traditionally red, for good luck.

U.This is an unlucky Month for Marriage.... this coming from Ancient Rome when May was the month for making offerings to the dead.

V.It is bad luck if the groom's last name starts with the same last name as the bride.
Some believe that it is bad luck to marry someone born in the same month as you.

W.The bride will have mother-in-law troubles if she breaks something on her wedding day.
The mother-in-law test of the bride's housewife rating is to place a broom on the floor. If the bride moves the broom to the side, she will be a good housewife: if she steps over it, she will not be.

X.In some Middle Eastern Islamic countries, the bride must be a virgin. At the wedding party on the wedding night, the groom and bride leave the ceremony to consummate the marriage. The mother of the bride must stand outside the door of the bedroom to wait for the groom to hand her a blood stained sheet to verify the bride's virginity had not been violated. If the blood is not present, the groom has the right to annul the marriage.

Y.In Indian, in the Sikh and Punjabi cultures, games are traditionally played with the groom for money. The sister of the bride hides the shoes of the groom until he pays her. Later when the groom is entering the HOME, the sister of the bride blocks the groom's entry , and in order for the groom and his family to enter, he needs to pay.


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